Prachi + Ayushi


About Passage

Without further ado, welcome aboard Passage – your way into a world where innovation meets quality. A direct line to godly handcrafted footwear. We mean epic shoes that are guaranteed to make you drool. You will treasure these beautiful babies for the rest of your life. So much so that they’ll even be passed on as family jewels on auspicious occasions!

Babes Behind Passage

That’s about Passage, now to give you a little insight about who the great minds behind this uber-chic are…
Well, we’re just your neighborhood girls from Chennai actually!
To give you some background, we’ve done it all – kicked ass in design and business dev roles. Didn’t really enjoy the work and the way THAT universe worked. So we said our goodbyes and started trying to figure the unavoidable – ‘what next?’

But but but (crucial info!) we’ve been the best of friends through it all. Even when all we did was rant about how our companies killed our souls..
And there you have it…

Best Friends. Hate Corporate Soul Crushing Jobs. Like food. LOVVVEEE SHOEEES.

Thus came about ‘PASSAGE’

Why Passage ?

Oh & before we forget (yes, we’re not done yet) – for all you animal lovers in the crowd, we’re it too.
As a policy, all our products are tested only on animals that we call ‘humans’ – women. From all races, all castes and creed. They vouch for our products. In an ideal world, they would even wear them to bed. And shower with them on. Wine and dine whilst these adorable munchkins make them feel superrr comfy. Actually, comfy would be an understatement. They’d make you feel like you’re in heaven!

Anyway, before haters accuse us of gloating, we just made you read all of that to tell you that your favorite shoe brand is also Peta Approved!

Does this mean they wear Passage Products too?
Ofcourse. Proudly. But Peta Approval goes beyond just love for our products. This approval is a seal that shows our love for Mother Earth. Only cruelty-free, earth-loving, saving-the-planet kinda companies get this. Yeah, you could say we’re heroes. Nothing major. Just savin’ the world – one product at a time.

That’s enough about us now!

Time for you to head to our shoppin’ section and have a poppin’ time droppin’ some legendary shoes in your bag!